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National Dong Hwa University Delegates Visit KU

Update : 25 Mar 2020

    On 10 January 2019, at the Faculty of Business Administration, Asst. Prof. Dr. Nirundon Tapachai, Chairperson of the Master of Business Administration International Program (KIMBA) , along with Dr. Thirarut Worapishet, Director of the Bachelor of Business Administration International Program in Marketing and Dr. Paitoon Chetthamrongchai, Committee of KUBIM Program, Faculty of Business and Administrator, Kasetsart University , welcomed a group of 4 delegates from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan by Dr. Shu-Ling CHEN, Department of Business Administration, Dr. Juh Wen HWANG, Dr. Chien-Nan CHEN and Mr. Yi-Yun CHEN.

   The objective of this visit was to explore the possibility of further collaboration in the field of business between National Dong Hwa University and Kasetsart University. Dr. Thirarut Worapishet, Director of KUBIM Program has provided additional information about the international program of the Faculty of Business and Administrator, also the plan to develop a student exchange program between the two institutions.

   In addition, Dr. Paitoon Chetthamrangchai also described the term and regulation of this international program that encourage student to go aboard for an exchange at least 1 semester, which would be convenient for both party because Kasetsart University and National Dong Hwa University already signed an MOU in the university level together since 2018, make it possible to begin building collaborative activities at the faculty level in the foreseeable future.
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